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Why do we self-hate?  Why do we not accept the love of others?  It all speaks to self-esteem, and starting by learning how to love ourselves.

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The Science of Passionate Sex

"Our culture is obsessed with sex. Everywhere you look is another article on how to have hot sex, harder erections, mind-bending orgasms and ejaculations that go on for days. What people seldom realize, though—and which the latest science backs up—is that this is exactly the problem."

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Is My Husband Having an Affair?

Excellent questions posed by Lori Gottlieb via the "problem situation" posed.

Whenever somebody in my office brings up sexual infidelity (confirmed or suspected), my first instinct is to wonder what other infidelities might be going on. I don’t mean other affairs — I mean the more subtle ways of straying from our partners that have at least as much potential to threaten a marriage. The affair, of course, gets the most attention, but it’s the affair that is also often misunderstood. And it’s because of this misunderstanding that the cheating takes center stage — and that the other factors, the betrayals that need the most attention, stay out of the spotlight. That’s why, HHIS, I’m not primarily interested in whether your husband is cheating.

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