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Individual Therapy Los Angeles

Individual therapy services in the Los Angeles area addressing anxiety, depression, AD/HD and ADD, addictions, obsessions, compulsive behaviors, and more.


Individual Therapy


What is clear, regardless of therapeutic approach, is that when we are facing an imminent crisis -- whether it's severe anxiety, depression, or a recent traumatic event -- this crisis must be taken on first. As this crisis becomes more manageable--and it will--our goals in working together may then move to engaging with whatever is preventing you from finding a healthier way to live and "be" in your life.  

I draw from a variety of psychodynamic principles, as well as behavioral theories including CBT and Mindfulness techniques.  I will be working to help you explore and process what is deeply affecting, undermining, or otherwise blocking you.  I look to provide you with helpful tools that you can begin to use immediately in the "real world" of your life.  

Throughout our working together, we  will be processing various aspects of the following:

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  • Managing and alleviating/minimizing anxiety

  • Managing and alleviating depression

  • Managing AD/HD, or ADD

  • Managing addictions, obsessions, and compulsive behaviors

  • Examining self-destructive or self-sabotaging behaviors

  • Creating new, achievable goals